Training For Life

A lot of people are motivated by ripping their six pack to shreds when they lift. I think about something much more elusive.

Two reps to done and my life is flashing before my eyes. Not in a “oh shit I’m-a die” kind of way, but my literal life.

Traffic jams.
Toddler tantrums.
Diaper explosions.
Learning California is imposing yet another tax on small business owners.
Difficult clients – and people in general. (You know who you are – much love!)

I’m thinking of how I’m going to finish this set, and I contemplate if I should just call it quits a few reps early.

Instead, I stiffen.
Breathe in.
Push through.
And finish.

There’s more than just a sense of accomplishment and the physical transformation that comes with persevering through the struggle of lifting weights. Long after the workout is done I’m facing these mountains I’ve mentioned, and I have a choice to quit or endure. Weight lifting is more than an exercise for the muscles – it’s a workout for the mind, will and self-discipline. Continue reading